It’s been a while

Over the past few months, much has happened.

  • Participated in the annual ThoughtWorks’ Latin America Away Day on 5 November
  • Presented at Agile Tour Bangkok 2015 on 21 November
  • Presented at vodQA on 16 December

Indeed, it has been an amazing 2015 and 2016 will be even better.

2016 ahead

This year the heat is on:

  • Masters in Applied Information System at Singapore Management University
  • Continue pressing for changes in ThoughtWorks Singapore
  • Enable true agility in the government
  • Mentor Youth Expedition Project
  • Provide better education via MugPug
  • Expose more students to computational learning (after our first successful run in December). Coming soon Yellow-Helmets.

Being the change maker

It has never been easy, trying to change myself, my partner and everything around me. That is the thrill that life brings you.

Dream, Strive, Never stop. - Jie Sheng, 21 Jan 2016