The power of conference

Recently I attended my first conference in the world of agile and gave my first talk.

It was an amazing experience.

I would like to thank the organisers for their painstaking efforts in making this conference possible; And also the sponsor who provided the fuel for it.

Flood of enthusiasm

I was completely overwhelmed by the passion of both the speakers and participants, both practitioners and open minds. After each talk, there would be active discussion on the topic presented. Attempting to understand thoroughly the context and concepts behind the presentation in hope to apply this new found knowledge in the future. The level of enthusiasm was electrifying.

First talk

I did not expect a full room but it turned out otherwise. Excited and nervous, I delivered my talk smoothly, well prepared after multiple practice runs with my partner and colleagues.

Unexpectedly, the Q&A session went beyond my allocated time slot. Questions from both the business and technical experts stretched my experience to the limit. But I firmly believe in what I practice because I experienced the benefits first-hand.

Sharing my experience brought about many questions I have not considered before. There were questions that I could not answer but this fired up a desire for more thoughts and experiences to develop further.

The impact of my talk did not end with the talk. Participants approached me during the after-party with more questions, delving into the topic beyond my expectations. The in-depth discussion was stirring. I was thrilled to share beyond the presentation materials, to bond with the participants.

Like minded people

After the conference, a river cruise was arranged for the attendees. We broke into small groups, mingling around and discussing future plans for the agile community! A number of events were set to happen in Asia Pacific, and we encouraged each other to join, with hopes to see each other again.

While checking out

The conference had been invigorating, much to my surprise. When we share, everyone becomes better. Because the knowledge we hold is only valuable when people acquire and adopt it.