Everyone have fears, what are yours? For me, I am not confident as a swimmer, as a runner and as a speaker. But these terrestrial challenges are not going to stop me.


I have always wanted to take open water diving course. But I hesitated because of the pre-requisite of swimming 200m without aids. Now I have overcome it! I completed my theory lesson (a 240-page book in 6 days) and my confined water dives, which included my swimming proficiency test!

I made it.


Conscription is compulsory for every Singaporean male. Two years of our youth dedicated to the country. Learning to defend it, and fight for it. After two years of being a full time military personnel, we need to maintain our fitness for at least 10 years. A fitness test is administered annually to ensure this. The time for me to take my fitness test has come.

But I have not trained for it, as there are more important things to prepare for! (My talk and my diving course)


Generally, I am not confident as a speaker. But this time, I made a leap forward. I signed up to give a talk at a conference in Cambodia in the coming week. I prepared my slides and also practised for it. (More practice to come though…) I want to do my best and be in top form, then seek feedback for future improvement.

My next challenge awaits.