It’s been a while

Over the past few months, much has happened.

  • Participated in the annual ThoughtWorks’ Latin America Away Day on 5 November
  • Presented at Agile Tour Bangkok 2015 on 21 November
  • Presented at vodQA on 16 December

Indeed, it has been an amazing 2015 and 2016 will be even better.

2016 ahead

This year the heat is on:

  • Masters in Applied Information System at Singapore Management University
  • Continue pressing for changes in ThoughtWorks Singapore
  • Enable true agility in the government
  • Mentor Youth Expedition Project
  • Provide better education via MugPug
  • Expose more students to computational learning (after our first successful run in December). Coming soon Yellow-Helmets.

Being the change maker

It has never been easy, trying to change myself, my partner and everything around me. That is the thrill that life brings you. > Dream, Strive, Never stop. - Jie Sheng, 21 Jan 2016